JYP is the oldest publisher of Pakistan's leading business and trade directories. Over 34 years of experience has enabled us to become experts in data management and harvesting. This specialisation allows us to offer small, medium and large companies a diverse range of data services that is geared towards improved marketing precision, customer acquisition and data hygiene.

Database Marketing

Our unique database segmentation offers effective precision marketing which enables our clients to:

  • Efficiently locate targeted customers
  • Accelerate customer acquisition
  • Improve marketing effectiveness

Database Licensing

We provide businesses with long-term database usage . Best suited to business that repeatedly target certain groups, and require regular usage of data on annual basis.

Database Emailing

An additional service that we provide is Direct Mail campaigns for a specific marketing purpose.

Database Management

Data quality and hygiene are essential for business optimisation. An updated database allows an organisation to communicate more effectively with customers, leading to higher sales efficiency which, in turn, translates to higher revenue. We provide businesses with a variety of data management services including:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Updating
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending
  • Data De-duping

Leads Generation via Telemarketing

Our in-house team of experienced telemarketing consultants will help you generate quality sales leads. They will carry out detailed screening of potential segments, which is necessary for efficient and effective sales results. Leads will undergo:

  • Qualifying
  • Profiling Matching
  • Needs Assessment
  • Data Analytics

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