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  Advertising Types & Rates

To increase the probability of being contacted instatly, the listing of your company at our website may also contain email address & URL (Linked Listing) besides other details like address, phone, fax & line of business etc.

Introductory Charges:

  • For one e-mail address only Rs.1,000/- Per Year
  • For one website address only Rs.1,500/- Per Year
  • For one e-mail & one website address Rs.2,000/- Per Year
Our new service to the fast paced competitive marketing era where you can promote 'your product in an efficacious and a compelling way.

Introductory Charges:

  • Rs. 40,000 for 6 months

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  Web Banner Ads

Index Page Banners
A Index Center Panel Banner 180 x 280 Rs. 60,000 for 6 months
B Index Bottom Left Banner 755 x 80 Rs. 20,000 for 6 months
C Index Bottom Right Banner 200 x 80 Rs. 10,000 for 6 months
D Flip Page Banner Top Right :: See Sample
(Special Promotional Offer)
400 x 400 Rs. 25,000 for 2 months
(NEW Flip Page Ad will be 400x400px diagonal half visible, pointing to your website)
Bottom Panel Banners
I Bottom Panel Left Banner 755 x 80 Rs. 20,000 for 6 months
J Bottom Panel Right Banner 200 x 80 Rs. 10,000 for 6 months
Right Panel Banners
K Right Panel Big Banner 200 x 600 Rs. 15,000 for 1 month
L Right Panel Small Banner 200 x 260 Rs. 6,000 for 1 month

The prices of Banners are available upon request.
The charges of Banner Development is Rs.1,000/-
Right Panel Middle Big Banner

Right Panel Bottom Small Banner
Bottom Panel Left Banner Bottom Panel Right Banner