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If you have a product or service of interest to International /local Buyers, could be an ideal place for you to advertise! It offers a targeted, rapidly growing audience and extremely competitive rates!

Our web site, which started its function in early 1995, is one of the web's leading advertising network with a heavy traffic of National and Global (Worldwide) Importers, Manufacturers, Traders & Business Professionals. Traffic at this web site has increased tremendously.

Over 1,50,000 industries and businesses are listed on Jamals Yellow Pages. We provide the most effective Pakistani cultural advertising on the web. With approx 25,000 visits; 8,000 unique global visitors; 75,000 page views and more than 150,000 hits per month, reflects that it is the only web site in which your national and international customers can locate you and your Business. The PDF file of Jamal's website statistics is available to download.

More importantly, its visitors form a well-defined target audience, as they are typically Businessmen/Importers of all kinds of products. If those are the people you're looking for, our Web Site is a great place to look and advertise!

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