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Advertising Facts!
  • 75% of all successful businesses advertise in the Yellow Pages.
  • The average Yellow Pages directory remains in circulation for 1.4 years with some reaching a shelf life of as many as five to ten years.
  • Statistically, the more money a business invests in Yellow Pages, the better the chance of success.
  • Of the two major types of advertising,
                        1. Creative (TV/Radio etc.) and
                        2. Directional (Yellow Pages/Newspaper),
    directional advertising has been proven statistically to be the most cost effective. Of the various directional mediums, Yellow Pages is the overwhelming winner. Yellow Pages advertising is statistically the most reliable advertising format by far.
How Can this Advertising Help My Business?
  • Circulation - The Jamal's Yellow Pages distributes directories to every residence and business Statewide to achieve maximum coverage and exposure for its advertisers.
  • Usage - 70% of all educated are aware of the yellow pages as a reference source.
  • Retention - Yellow pages are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Consumers shop by phone or plan their trips.
  • Economy - Yellow page advertising generates a maximum return on your advertising investments.
  • Results - More than 90% of the people who use the yellow pages take action.  Yellow pages are the best medium for reaching a prospect when they are ready to buy.

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