Nexus - The History

Founded in March 1998, by webmasters who sought to create a perfect web hosting environment for fellow webmasters of all types, Nexus answered the needs of many Internet users for a reliable source of free services. At that time, Nexus offered e-mail forwarding, mail accounts and e-mail list management at no charge.

In June of 1999, Nexus upgraded its services and began offering virtual domain and sub-domain hosting, along with free domain name reservation. Since that time, and to this day, Nexus continues to add features for its clients, while keeping prices constant. Now that we are in our ninth year of existence, our relentless pursuit for web hosting perfection is growing and is advancing further than ever.

During 2000 Nexus had the privilege to become Pakistan's First eNom Technology Partner (eNom Inc. is An ICANN accredited registrar). As of today, Nexus holds the most domains under .com/.net/.org/.info and .biz from Pakistan.

In September 2001 Nexus was accredited/Co-Delegated by PKNIC, (PKNIC is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space). At that time Nexus only webhosting company in Pakistan to have this status. As of today Nexus has more .pk domains under its management then any other webhosting company in the world.

In 2002 Nexus became a Thawte Webhosting Partner and during the 3rd quarter, Nexus also became a Comodo Partner. Thawte & Comodo provide the backend technology required for secure web transactions with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and 128-bit strong encryption. Nexus is the only company in Pakistan to have the experience of implementing SSL on multiple web servers and currently manages a healthy portfolio of SSL enabled websites.

Nexus Today

Today, Nexus company provides webhosting, software development, consultancy and training services world-wide and is proud to serve thousands of its clients all over the world.
 The first webhosting company to become a PKNIC Co-Delegate
 The only company to offer a Domain and Hosting Pre-Paid Card with Instant Domain and Hosting Account Creation
 The first company to reach the 5000 mark for hosting websites in Pakistan  Rated as Pakistan's Largest Webhosting Company by 3rd party assessment  Pakistan's Largest Dedicated Server provider
 Pakistan's Largest Domain Registrar of .com/.net/.org and .pk domains
 Pakistan's first webhosting company to implement a real-time Online Billing System
 Pakistan's Only web host to take customer security seriously and use 128-bit SSL certificates for online transactions
 Pakistan's Only Thawte and Comodo partner for web based security solutions  Pakistan's First company to offer toll-free support
 Pakistan's only company specializing in website hosting with offices across the nation.