We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Contractor in Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Road Safety, Industrial & Mechanical Fabrication and we have proven expertise in this field.Our Customer centric approach has given us the cutting edge in the field of structural steel. We enjoy brainstorming over any architectural or design challenge that may come our way.We have expertise in all aspects of structural steel & Steel fabrication services.When it comes to 5A Engg, we don’t just focus on one particular industry or location; we proudly serve any customer that requires steel work. We focus on meeting the needs of our customers for durable, affordable and versatile work.

“Our customers remain our first priority”


“We provide the in time quality work according to the satisfaction of our valued clients by assuring the quality and quantity. Innovation is our competitive edge”


 PEB Steel Buildings & Sandwich Panel Building
 PU Buildings & Cold Storages
 Street Lighting Poles,Guardrails & Road Studs
 Industrial & Mechanical Fabrication

For further information regarding Steel Shed, Street Lighting Poles or Industrial Fabrication please contact us or visit our website www.5aengg.com or Email us at info@5aengg.com