GreenGen Solutions is a part of Aziz Group of Industries. Aziz groupís roots in commerce date back 300 years as a trading outpost on the legendary silk route linking China, Russia, the central Asian states and Afghanistan with the present day Pakistan.

Aziz Groupís venture into industrial manufacturing dates back to the early 60ís. Over the years Aziz group has grown considerably to a force of over 3000 employees with offices all over Pakistan. Our holdings include:

 A.J Textile Mills Limited Unit 1 (Gadoon Amazai).
 A.J Textile Mills Limited Unit 2 (Sheikhupura).
 Mohsin Match Factory (Pvt.) Ltd.
 Mohsin Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.
 Premier Formica & Chipboard Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
 GreenGen Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

At GreenGen Solutions we are committed to seeing Pakistan become a "Solar Nation". For this to take place, renewable energy must be:

 Easily understood
 Affordable
 Accessible to all

Keeping these three points in mind we provide services that help bridge the gap between renewable energy solutions and those that can use them. Our consulting services include the provision of end-to-end support for both small scale and large-scale renewable energy projects. We have a genuine passion for what we do.

Since Pakistan is relatively new and inexperienced in the field of renewable energy we have partnered with Eco Energy Ratings UK in order to capitalize on their years of experience in this field.