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1. What is a Reference Book?                                                            ..:: Search @ ::..
A Reference book is a book, which is used to get information. The reference books include:
· DICTIONARY (for Language)
· ENCYCLOPEDIA (for details about something)
· THESAURAS (for short details of terms)
· ALAMANAC (annual publications)
· ATLAS (For Maps)
· TELEPHONE INDEX (for name and location with numbers)
· BUSINESS DIRECTORIES (Business contact information)

2. Why are Reference Books, specific to a country?
Every country has its own National sport, National color, National bird, National landmarks, books and information. Similarly countries have their own ‘Reference Books' as mentioned above.

3. What is Yellow Pages?
Yellow Pages is a Business Directory -- a Reference Book, which provides business contact information. These Yellow Pages are of two types:
  • B2B: Business-to-Business
  • B2C: Business-to-Consumers

4. Why Yellow Pages of Pakistan?
Every country has its own reference books for the information of the world similarly for Pakistan; Yellow Pages of Pakistan was made to have business contact information of the country.

5. Is there any B2C Yellow Pages in Pakistan?

Yes. It is Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan.

7. What is the difference between Regular advertising and Advertising Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan?
Regular Advertising is meant for masses as it reaches the masses through 'Paper or Electronic Media'. In this case the information reaches the customers, to make them buy or use the products or services.

In Jamal's Yellow Pages the Advertising is 'Info/display Ads'. These are the ads, which come-up when somebody is 'Ready-to-Buy' and searching. So these are B2B searchable ads. These are meant to show the presence of a company in the Business/Trade Sector and they also enable people to know and buy.

Hence, this becomes a most effective form of media, which is called Directive Media. Please note that the above two types of ads cannot be compared easily.

8. What are the disadvantages of not advertising in Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan?
As mentioned above, the ads of Jamal's yellow Pages of Pakistan come-up when somebody is searching a product or service to buy. So the display of the ad itself indicates the type of the advertising company. Hence, the searching party can miss the company's products and services, if its display ad is not there.

In some cases orders and queries can be sent to companies which are of much small scale but have better ads in this media.

9. Why should bigger ads be given in Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan?
Since this is directive media, the size of the ad indicates the size of the company itself. Hence, it is preferred that a large size ad is given in the Yellow Pages to provide a better image.

10. Is color ad more effective?
Generally colors do impress the audience, but it is preferable that black and white ads be given in the relevant business categories, in addition to the colored advertising in the corporate section.

As users/buyers are searching for listings in the categories in the Yellow Pages, hence, ads on the Yellow Paper are found in the search and have a better impact than color ads that fall outside the flow of search.

11. Why should we use Yellow Pages when we have Internet with us?
Internet is like another world. But for Yellow Pages we should use Yellow Pages on the Internet. Jamal's Yellow Pages is the first Yellow Pages of Pakistan available on Internet since 1994. So, we can browse Yellow Pages of Pakistan on the Internet, also.

12. We have data CDs also available in the market, why should we use Yellow Pages?
Jamal's Yellow Pages was the first to develop a Business CD of Yellow Pages, since 1990. Hence, it can be used for Yellow Pages on CD format.

13. What are the strengths of Jamal's Yellow Pages?
  • Jamal's is the first and only B2B Yellow Pages of Pakistan.
  • No One has been successful in continuing Yellow Pages business for such a long time
  • Government of Pakistan, Multinational companies, Trade bodies and large organizations including the foreign missions in Pakistan and abroad accept the value of Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan.
  • Only Jamal's Yellow Pages has the capacity to collect and print more than 10,000 ads from all over the country, annually, each year without break for the last 25 years.
  • If required PC, Sheraton, Marriott or foreign missions in Pakistan, can be consulted in this regard.

14. I don't believe in advertising, why should I advertise?
Yes, you may not advertise in Masses. But not advertising in Jamal's Yellow Pages, can hurt your business image and the concept of your country presence. Also, the advertising in Jamal's Yellow Pages is more cost effective then other forms of advertising. But, we believe in advertising as someone has said: If business is Good, it pays to Advertise If business is Bad, you have to Advertise

15. What is the benefit of Jamal's Yellow pages to our country Pakistan?
Our motto is to project the positive image of Pakistan. Since, Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan is the business index of Pakistan. More and more companies are advertising in it. When this yellow Pages is circulated all over the world, the business image of the country becomes better. Hence, your advertising helps improve the image of our beloved Pakistan.

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